California Air Tools - 220 Volt 50 Hertz International Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free          Air Compressors

CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS manufactures 220 Volt Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors for international customers that require 220 Volts 50 Hertz.


All CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS Ultra Quiet Air Compressors have a Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System that allows the air compressor to work more efficiently creating less noise and less wear for a longer pump life.


The Two Extra Large Pistons work together to produce more air and more air quickly compared to other air compressors that use a small single piston pump system.


CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS has many Ultra Quiet, Oil-Free and Lightweight Air Compressors to choose from.



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CAT-2010A-22050 - 1.0 Hp
CAT-4610AC-22050 - 1.0 Hp
CAT-5510SE-22050 - 1.0 Hp
CAT-2012ALFC-22050 - 1.2 Hp
CAT-4620A-220 - 2.0 Hp
CAT-10020-220 - 2.0 Hp
CAT-10020C-22050 - 2.0 Hp

----- NEW ARRIVALS -----

2.0 Hp    10 Gallon Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor

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4.0 Hp    20.0 Gallon Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free  Air Compressor

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Ultra Quiet - Air Dryer Air Compressor - 2.0 Hp

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