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Our vision at California Air Tools is about creating the kind of products that provide useful features and outstanding performance.


We strive to provide the Highest Quality Products and the Highest Level of Customer Service to Every Customer Every time!.


With each new product, we stretch the boundaries of possibilities to satisfy "you" the customer.


We are "Changing the Way the World Works".



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Our History

In 2002 we brought together a team of industry professionals with extensive product knowledge of the air tool industry to create California Air Tools Inc.


Our goal from the beginning was to Design, Engineer and Manufacture Innovative products that would exceed our customers expectations.


Introducing innovative products like "Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors", allows "you" the  enduser to use your air tools anywhere at anytime.


Our Mission is to "Change the Way You Work".



2002 - Established in San Diego, California USA 


2009 - Introduction of the  "Ultra Quiet" Air Compressors


2011 - Introduction of SPRAYIT "LVLP" Spray Guns

         - Introduces Air Dryer Air Compressors

         - Recognized as the "Top Rated" Air Compressors


2014 - Distribution Center Expansion in San Diego

          - New Air Tank Factory opened in Mexico

          - All factories and assembly facilities UL Certified


2015 - Introduction of the New "SP" Motors

          - Additional Assembly Line Added in San Diego


2016 - San Diego Corporate Headquarters Expansion

         - Introduction of the New 1P1060S (Single Piston)

            "Quiet & Light" Air Compressor


2017 - Additional Assembly Line Added in San Diego


2018 - Introduction of 30 & 60 Gallon "Ultra Quiet" 

            Air Compressors

          - Additional Assembly Lines Added in San Diego

          - Introduced the First Oil-Free & Ultra Quiet                                  Continuous Run Air Compressors

          - Introducing - New "Ultra Dry" Air Compressors


2019 - Expanded Factory in Mexico 

         - Additional Assembly Lines Added in San Diego

         - Added New Motor Assembly Line in San Diego


2020 - Essential Manufactuere for Sanitization and Medical                Industries

          - Air Compressor Factory becomes ASME Certified.


2021 - Mexico Factory expands production with Robotic         


          - Additional Production Facility added in San Diego


2022  - California Air Tools Celebrates 20th Anniversary


          - Additional Production Facility added in Tecate


          - New CAT-200CR Continuous Motor Manfacturing 

          - California Air Tools Air Compressor Factory becomes               ISO 9001 Certified.

          - Introducing - New 6.0 Hp Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

          - Introducing - New 5.0 Hp Oil-Free Scroll Air 


          - New 255 (2.5 gallon)  Cast Pressure Pot

          - Introducing - 1 Hp 8010AD Air 

             Compressor featuring Automatic Drain Valve


2023  - New 1810C (10 gallon) Wide-Mouth Cast Pressure pot.

          - CAT-20020CR Continuous Run Air Compressor

          - SPRAYIT PRO 21 Airless Paint Sprayer

          - CAT-60000-T  ASME Universal Replacement Tank

          - New Auxiliary Steel Tank Series (2, 5, 10 & 20 Gal)

          - New 8010ALFC & 8010ALFCAD long life models

          - New California Air Tools branded Spray Gun (CAT-                  33000 and CAT-33000K Kit)

          - New Factory Outlet Website Store:                     


          - New 365CH (5 gallon) Resin Casting Pressure Pot

          - New 365VK (5 gallon) Pressure Pot Vacuum Kit

          - New 8010AAD Aluminum Air Compressor

          - New AUX02S, AUX05S, AUX10S & AUX20S Auxiliary                 Air Tanks

          - New 4710SQPK Air Compressor & LVLP Spray                           Painting Kit

          - New 20060DCC 98% Dry Air Compressor


2024  - New EZ2321ADL Auto Drain Kit

Inside Look - California Air Tools, Inc.

Custom Air Compressor Manufacturing is performed just 30 minutes from San Diego, CA in our new facility. Includes 10 - 60 Gallon units, 80% & 98% Dry Air Systems & all larger Sound Proof Cabinet models.

California Air Tools 98% DRY AIR Compressor models feature 0.01 micron prefilters for optimum particulate filtering. All 98% DRY AIR models are ISO 8573 3-2-1 compliant and achieve PDP (dew point) of -20F to -51F. Ideal for Dental, Milling, Surgical, Manufacturing Clean Rooms, Restaurant and General Engineering Applications.

California Air Tools Store - Brand New & Blemished Items
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Ideal Job-Site Air Compressor
17-20 cfm 280V 3-Phase
Complete Out-of-Box Solution
CAT-10TL Tankless 1 Hp
12 CFM 98% Dry Air, 20 Gal, 6 Hp, ISO 8573 compliant
CAT-33000 Spray Gun, 1.3 mm nozzle, 600 cc Fluid Cup
4.7 Gal, 1 Hp Compressor & LVLP Spray Painting Bundle
Ultra Quiet, Oil-Free, 8 Gal Aluminum, 1 Hp, 3 CFM, Long-Life Motor
6.0 Hp, 20 Gal Ultra Quiet Oil-Free, 15 CFM Compressor
SPRAYIT PRO 21 Electric Professional Airless Paint Sprayer w/Accessories
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