Air Leaks

Leaking Air at connections

Resolve Issue:

1. Turn on air compressor and build pressure in the tank.

2. Brush soapy water on air connections and look carefully for air bubbles.

    (refer to compressor components below for reference, i.e. 1 Hp units)

3. Tighten leaky connections. 

Drain Valve Open

Resolve Issue:

1. At the bottom of all air compressor tanks is a drain valve.

2. Close the drain valve to eliminate air leaking.

Air Leaking (releasing) from Valve

Check Valve Spring is Compressed


When pressure is left in an air tank for prolong periods of time, the check valve spring can become compressed.

Resolve issue:
1. Turn off and unplug the air compressor,
2. Drain the air tank from the drain valve.
3. Locate the check valve on the parts diagram in manual
4. Remove the hex nut cap on the check valve. (see picture below)
5. Remove the spring located inside the check valve,
6. Clean the inside of the check valve.
7. Clean and enlong the spring
8. Replace the spring and cap.
9. Close the drain valve 
10. Plug in the power cord and turn on the air compressor.

Manifold Regulator Leaking Air

Manifold Regulator Leaking Air -

Models: 10020C, 10020CAD, etc. 


Resolve issue:
1. Turn off and unplug the air compressor.
2. Drain the air tank from the drain valve.
3. Clean the regulator
4. Remove the regulator body from the manifold with a wrench.
5. Clean the regulator body, air piston, spring and cap with WD40.
6. After cleaning replace the parts.


CAUTION: Replacing the Industrial Female fitting on a new unit will void your warranty. The Female fitting (or fittings) is attached with high-grade locktite to the manifold and can only be removed using a Heat Gun. The manifold assembly may crack and leak air if improperly modified. For servicing personnel only!

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