Air Compressor Not Starting

Lack or Insufficient Power

1. Check that the main voltage (power supply or outlet) corresponds to the

    air compressor specifications. 

2. An extension cord that is too thin or too long can cause a voltage drop        and cause the motor to overheat.  An extension cord of 12 or 14 gauge        and up to 25 feet long may be satisfactory for use.  
3. GFCI (general fault circuit interruptors) incorporated into most new            households today may interfere with compressor start - switch to a            different electrical outlet to test. 
4. Generator, Inverter or Solor Battery power source is too small and              produces too few watts to run the air compressor.

Motor-Pump Overheating / Motor Failure

The thermal protector (internal motor-pump fuse) temporarily opened because the motor is overheating. With the exception of the CR series air compressors do not run motor continuously (non-stop) for more than 1 hour.


Mutiple times of overheating will permenately burn and danage the motor windings. If this occurs then the motor-pump will need to be replaced.


NOTE: With the exception of the CR compressor series, the majority of California Air Tools air compressors have a 70/30 Duty Cycle Rating - Learn More

Electrical Connectivity Issue

Vibration from compressor use/transport may have loosened a securing screw and might be interferring with electrical connectivity to pressure switch.


Remove power from air compressor by unplugging the power cable from power source. Remove the pressure switch cover (box) by removing 1 screw. Loosen and then retighten all screws which secure wired electrical connections. Reinstall cover and reapply power. 

Air Lock (check valve spring compressed)

When pressure is left in an air tank for prolong periods of time, the check valve spring can become compressed cause the motor to not start.

Resolve Issue:
1. Turn off and unplug the air compressor,
2. Drain the air tank from the drain valve.
3. Locate the check valve on the parts diagram in manual
4. Remove the hex nut cap on the check valve. (see picture below)
5. Remove the spring located inside the check valve.
6. Clean the inside of the check valve.
7. Clean and enlong the spring
8. Replace the spring and cap.
9. Close the drain valve 
10. Plug in the power cord and turn on the air compressor.

2010A Check Valve Adjustment (generally applies to most models):

1P1060S/SP Check Valve Adjustment (generally applies to most models): 

Tank is Full of Water

Pressure Switch Failure

Pressure switch worn or damage.

Motor not receiving power from the pressure switch.
Excess water in the air tank or compressor usage over time may cause the pressure switch to fail.
Resolve Issue: Replace Pressure Switch

Pressure switch not turning on.

Resolve Issue: Check contacts inside the pressure switch and tighten

i.e. Reference 60040DCAD Pressure Switch Wiring shown below

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