The California Air Tools INDUSTRIAL SERIES of Air Compressors are engineered with the latest technology to provide the highest level of  performance, reliability and longevity and are designed to produce more air, more air quickly compared to our standard ultra quiet & oil-free air compressors. 


The "CR" (continuous run) Ultra-Quiet & Oil-Free series motors are manufactured with high performance components with less wear for a 5000+ hour life. 


The "BD" (oil-lubricated & belt-driven) series are rated for a 5000+ hour life and provide a low-cost alternative vs. our standard air compressors.


The "SCR" (scroll) Continuous Run series compressors are rated for 5000+ hour life before service.

CONTINUOUS RUN Series - 100% Duty Cycle

CAT-20020CR (Continuous Run) 2.0 Hp - 20 Gallon 110v 60hz
CAT-20020CR-22060 (Continuous Run) 2.0 Hp - 20 Gallon 220v 60hz
CALAIR 60037BD - 3.7 Hp 60 Gal. ASME Tank Oil-Lubricated Belt-Driven Air Compressor (Continuous Run). 208-230v 60hz
CAT-60050SCR - 5.0 Hp 60 Gal. ASME Tank Scroll Air Compressor (220v 60Hz)
CAT-60065C - 6.5 Hp 60 Gal. ASME Tank Industrial Air Compressor (3-Phase 230v 60Hz 15Amp)
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Ideal Job-Site Air Compressor
17-20 cfm 280V 3-Phase
Complete Out-of-Box Solution
CAT-10TL Tankless 1 Hp
12 CFM 98% Dry Air, 20 Gal, 6 Hp, ISO 8573 compliant
CAT-33000 Spray Gun, 1.3 mm nozzle, 600 cc Fluid Cup
4.7 Gal, 1 Hp Compressor & LVLP Spray Painting Bundle
Ultra Quiet, Oil-Free, 8 Gal Aluminum, 1 Hp, 3 CFM, Long-Life Motor
6.0 Hp, 20 Gal Ultra Quiet Oil-Free, 15 CFM Compressor
SPRAYIT PRO 21 Electric Professional Airless Paint Sprayer w/Accessories
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