200CR-22060 (220 Volts) 



2.0 Hp Continuous Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Pump/Motor


6.50 CFM @ 40 PSI

5.00 CFM @ 90 PSI


125 Max PSI


220 Volts / 60 Hertz / Single Phase


77 Decibels

5The California Air Tools 200CR-22060 Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Continuous Air Compressor Motor/Pump is designed to be one of the quietest motors in the industry having only 77 decibels of sound.     


The powerful 2.0 HP (220 Volt) motor operates at only 1700 RPM creating less noise and less wear.

The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System is engineered for high performance and durability.


Up to 8 hours of continuous running at 90 PSI and 12 hours at 40 PSI


The Dual Piston Pump System produces more air more quickly.


The 200CR-22060 motor/pump is tested for a minimum life of 5000 hours before wear. Wear parts can be a piston ring, cylinder ring or reed valve


* Ultra Quiet  -  Only 77 decibels 

* Oil-Free Pump – Cleaner air for better tool operation.

                           Less maintenance and Costs.

* Thermal Overload Protector

* 125 PSI  Maximum Pressure 

* Ports - 1/2" NPT

* Output Elbow - 3/8" NPT

* 220v / 60 hz  / 1-phase  (208v is ok)

* Low Amp Draw -  7 Amps 

* Power Requirements:   

   Dedicated 15 amp outlet

   3000 Watt (running) Generator

   Extension Cord: 14 gauge 100ft cord 

   GFCI - ok

* Maximum Operating (ambient) Temperatures: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

* 37 pounds

* L (12.20") x W (8.58"") x H (13.38")

* Comes complete with Elbow (attached),

   (2) Air Filters and (4) Shock Struts

* Installation Requirement: Unloader and/or Bleeder Valve Required.

* 1 Year Limited Warranty 

* Certification: Pending

*  Made is USA 

   San Diego, California 



200CR Motor-Pump Overview:

20020CR Continuous Run Air Compressor powered by 200CR motor-pump:

NOTE: This is NOT an air compressor. This is a replacement motor-pump which can be easily installed into existing California Air Tools equipment (not compatible with Dry Air models) 


CAUTION: If installing onto a Non-California Air Tools air compressor or unique application you will need to have the electrical and mechanical knowledge for properly installing this motor-pump. It is important to properly configure an UNLOADER valve and CHECK VALVE with the motor pump (to correctly bleed pressure off of the pistons) otherwise damage to motor may occur.

NOTE: This motor-pump is compatible with all 220 volt air compressor models from California Air Tools. The 200CR motor-pump has built-in capacitors. For motor-pump replacement instructions refer to the California Air Tools Service page.

California Air Tools 200CR-22060 Owners Manual
California Air Tools 200CR-22060 MotorP[...]
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