Continuous Series of Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors


The California Air Tools Continuous Series of Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors are engineered with the latest technology to provide the highest level of performance, reliability and longevity.


The California Air Tools Continuous Series of Air Compressors are designed for longer continuous runtimes compared standard ultra quiet & oil-free air compressors.


Up to 8 hours of Continuous Running at 90 PSI and 12 hours at 40 PSI


The motors are manufactured with high performance components with less wear for an increase life before service.

Mininum 4000 hours of life before wear occurs.


The Continuous Series of Ultra Quiet Air Compressor motor/pumps are repairable.


These Continuous Run Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors are designed for Professionals who Demand Quality and Continuous Air Flow!


Feature:  Oil-Free                                 


No Changing, disposable or refilling oil

No Oil in the Air

Able to use in cold temperatures

Able to use on uneven surfaces



Feature:   Extra Large Pistons


Faster displacement of air

Faster fill & recovery times



Feature:    Cast Aluminum Cylinder


Designed for longer life



Feature:   Teflon Cylinder Rings 


Less friction for less wear



Feature:   Stainless Steel Reed Valves 


More durable,rust resistance for more life



Feature:  Induction Motors


Brushless motors for less wear & long life



Feature:    4 Pole Motors 


Operate at only 1680 RPM

Creates less vibration and less noise

Less wear for a  longer motor life



Feature:    Low Amp Draw


Easier starts

Less electricity needed and used



Feature:    Thermal Overload Protector


Reduces motor damage



Feature:   Longer Continuous Run-Times


Up to 8 hours of continuous running at 90 PSI and 12 hours at 40 PSI

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CAT-20020CR (Continuous Run) 2.0 Hp, 20 Gallon 110v 60 hz

Ultra Dry & Continuous Series - 98% Dry Air

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS  Ultra Dry, Oil-Free & Ultra Quiet Air Compressors with Air Dryers are designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry removing 98% of the moisture from the air.


The powerful motors operate at only 1680 RPM creating less noise, vibration and creating less wear.


The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System is  engineered for longevity, high performance and durability.


To dry the air from the air compressor an Aftercooler and Dryer are utilized.

The aftercooler is a heat exchanger for cooling the discharge air from the air compressor. The water vapor from the compressed air is condensed into liquid form and pushed into the Air Dyer.


The Ultra Dry Air Dyer is specially designed to remove 98% of the water vapor from the air to protect sensitive tools and machinery.


PDP performance range (-20' F. to -51' F.)

Air Quality: ISO 8573 - Class 2.3.1


These Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressors with Air Drying Systems are designed for industries such as, Dental, Dental Lab, Medical, Biotech, Laser, 3D Printing and others with a need for Dry Clean Air.

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CAT-10020UDCR - 2.0 hp, 110v 60 hz, 10 Gallon, Continuous Run Air Compressor with Air Drying System

Continuous Oil-Free - Scroll Series

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS Oil-Free & Ultra Quiet Srcoll Air Compressors are designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry.


NEW - 2.0 Hp 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor

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NEW!  2.5 Gal. Casting Pressure Pot

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----- COMING SOON ------

6hp Ultra Quiet 15 CFM

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