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>> We will need to know: 

  1. Type of Work? Tooling & Application? Homeowner or Commercial?
  2. Operating CFM? (cubic feet per minute) or liters per minute (l/min) 
  3. Operating PSI?  (40 vs. 70 vs. 100 PSI)
  4. Do you require DRY AIR? If so, what percentage? (80 or 98%). Do you need to conform to ISO 8573 clean air standards?
  5. Operating how many hours per day?
  6. Operating how many days per week?
  7. 110 volt or 220 volt model needed?

NOTE: We do not provide RFQ/quotes as we are the manufacturer, however we suggest you contact one of our 2 California Air Tools dealers below for RFQ/quote pricing (for procurement purposes): 


Global Industrial    (phone  1-888-978-7759)


Mowers at Jacks    (phone  1-877-565-7669)

Air Compressor selection and understanding your actual PSI/CFM requirements can be a confusing subject - we want to clear up any misunderstandings. Air Volume Flow expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM), or liters per minute (l/min), is 90% of the equation when evaluating a units’ general capability and anticipated performance with your tools or application. 

To select the correct air compressor for your application CLICK HERE.

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Ideal Job-Site Air Compressor
17-20 cfm 280V 3-Phase
Complete Out-of-Box Solution
CAT-10TL Tankless 1 Hp
12 CFM 98% Dry Air, 20 Gal, 6 Hp, ISO 8573 compliant
CAT-33000 Spray Gun, 1.3 mm nozzle, 600 cc Fluid Cup
4.7 Gal, 1 Hp Compressor & LVLP Spray Painting Bundle
Ultra Quiet, Oil-Free, 8 Gal Aluminum, 1 Hp, 3 CFM, Long-Life Motor
6.0 Hp, 20 Gal Ultra Quiet Oil-Free, 15 CFM Compressor
SPRAYIT PRO 21 Electric Professional Airless Paint Sprayer w/Accessories
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